PM Narendra Modi asks security officials, police to check funding of NGOs involved in 'anti-national activities'

In a closed-door, high-level meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked top security officials to...

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Filing FC- Online

If you are filing FC-6 online, please scan following documents as PDF and keep them ready. Documents should be signed manually before being scanned.

1. Certificate duly signed with seal from Chartered Accountant (Registration number of Charted Accountant should be reflected on the seal). (up to 1 MB)

2. Declaration certificate from Chief Functionary duly signed with seal on the letter head of Association (up to 1 MB)

3. Audited Statements of FCRA Accounts (including Receipt and Payment Account, Income and Expenditure Statement, and Balance sheet) (up to 50 MB)

4. Copy of Statement of account from Bank duly certified by the officer of such bank. (up to 10 MB)

During filing, you will be asked to upload these documents. FC-6 need not be signed digitally. For detailed guidance, read

If your FC-6 return has been filed online successfully with the attachments, there is no need to send a printed copy to FCRA Dept. by registered post.

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